Picking out your Kids Halloween costume

Picking out your Kids Halloween costume

There are so many kids costume’s out there so how do you know which one to choose. Well depending on there age sometimes you can just pick it out for them. If your child is newborn-2 usually they dont care since they’re not talking yet. So pick there outfit out for them. But remember to pick out something that is breathable and something that is not itchy. Avoid any type mask they will hate those. A cute hat will be fine as long as tour child doesn’t hate them.

So moving on to older children 2 1/2-18 years of age. This is when they will start telling you or letting you know what they want to wear. Right now my son just turned 2 1/2 and he wants to be superman. He is completely obsessed with this super hero and had made me buy him is costume already. Remember to cut off any inside tags in your child costume to avoid them yelling at you about it while trick or treating.

Costume for young teens are tricky .Depending on your child you might have trouble letting them wear certain things. Ive seen some very provocative outfits and if i had a girl i would not let her wear them at all. They will get mad but the trick is to compromise with them. Say if they wanted to wear something really short you recommend them wearing dark tights under neath or a longer shirt/dress. If they want to wear a reveling top. Compromise with an under shirt or a shall. If they want to wear heels. SAY NO. Why because dear your feet are going to kill you. wear flats or cute sandals or shoes.

that pretty much it for picky out costumes if i come up with anything else i will make another post.

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