Why can’t kids just draw on paper.

So ive come to the conclusion that crayons and markers are a big no no and i need to put them up as soon as my son is finished drawing. I usually just let him draw whenever he wants but that changed fast. I walked into his room and found crayon all over the wall. Not the best sight anyone wants to see since im renting an apartment. I quickly tried to clean it off along with some of the paint. Putting coloring utensils away is a big must now. I also have to be careful about leaving any kind of writing utensils out of site. if my son see them he will take them and repeat the whole writing on the wall incident. I also stumbled across him with a permanent marker. The terror on my face when i saw black marks all over one of my kitchen cabinets. I was lucky enough to have a Mr. clean magic eraser with me and scrubbed for 10 mins to get it off. Definitely recommend that product for drawings on walls.

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