Confessions of a stay at home mom

Im going to be as honest as possible with my blog and hope certain things dont ruin my family or love life. My blog will center around my everyday pleasures to past my time. I usual stalk Facebook pages for free samples and watch random tv shows. But i still have more to offer. I like to coupon and save money on all sorts of things and i like to sit at home all day with nothing better to do than start a freaking blog. Yesterday i got a free razor from Venus. They always do these giveaways and i was able to win one. Good because their razors cost an arm and a leg. like you really want to me to buy 12.99 razors like i’d rather grow it out and be chewbacca. Well at least i get to have sexy legs for a few days.Maybe i’ll get laid for having nice shaved legs, will see. Gosh its 7.57 in the morning and i have yet to sleep. I dont know whats wrong with me i just start thinking when i lay down and then i just think think think. Then i get worried and can’t sleep. I think this time its our electric bill. It got worse freaking 150$ damn taxes heat. It has double for the summer but i can’t wait for it to go back to 60-70$ bucks again.

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