Why can’t kids just draw on paper.

So ive come to the conclusion that crayons and markers are a big no no and i need to put them up as soon as my son is finished drawing. I usually just let him draw whenever he wants but that changed fast. I walked into his room and found crayon all over the wall. Not the best sight anyone wants to see since im renting an apartment. I quickly tried to clean it off along with some of the paint. Putting coloring utensils away is a big must now. I also have to be careful about leaving any kind of writing utensils out of site. if my son see them he will take them and repeat the whole writing on the wall incident. I also stumbled across him with a permanent marker. The terror on my face when i saw black marks all over one of my kitchen cabinets. I was lucky enough to have a Mr. clean magic eraser with me and scrubbed for 10 mins to get it off. Definitely recommend that product for drawings on walls.

breastfeeding what!!!!!

breastfeeding what!!!!!

yeah its happening so what! Ive been breastfeeding for 2 years 5 months. I absolutely hate it now but my little guy still wants it. So i deal with it. He commands me to sit when he’s hungry it’s really quiet funny. I just think about my sister who read a comment i posted on Facebook, defending breastfeeding. Yes i get offended when people say mean things. Here’s what i will say a million times to get my point across. Breastfeeding is perfectly natural and its very good for a babies immune system. America is one of the only countries that doesn’t have a high percentage of women who breastfeed over 6 months. Why because of the criticism others impose on us. In other countries it perfectly normal to breastfeed for up to 3 years so why shouldn’t we. Breastfeeding should not be shunned to make people feel comfortable. If women can now show there breast in public now, then breastfeeding should not make anyone feel uncomfortable. Why should i have to take my infant into a gross public restroom just so i dont offend or make you uncomfortable its is just unsanitary and cruel for you to stare and judge.What if there was some sort of Apocalypse situation and formula was no longer available are you still going to judge me for feeding my child to live, i dont think so. As for all the people who think were forcing our children to feed off our breast your wrong. i was breastfeeding for a week and wanted to formula feed but every time i gave my son formula he sip it all up every time. Toddlers can understand what milk is from your breast and from store bought gallons of milk. they know the difference in taste and they will decide which they like better.My son was just 1 1/2 when he decided to stick to the breast. I wanted to ween but he shows me signs that he still wants the breast and that’s fine. Toddlers will let you know if they want it or not. We dont force them its the child’s choice.my son is now 2 and 5 months and he now says what he wants and he can at anytime pick milk over the breast but he doesn’t. think twice people about what you say about breastfeeding.

Confessions of a stay at home mom

Im going to be as honest as possible with my blog and hope certain things dont ruin my family or love life. My blog will center around my everyday pleasures to past my time. I usual stalk Facebook pages for free samples and watch random tv shows. But i still have more to offer. I like to coupon and save money on all sorts of things and i like to sit at home all day with nothing better to do than start a freaking blog. Yesterday i got a free razor from Venus. They always do these giveaways and i was able to win one. Good because their razors cost an arm and a leg. like you really want to me to buy 12.99 razors like i’d rather grow it out and be chewbacca. Well at least i get to have sexy legs for a few days.Maybe i’ll get laid for having nice shaved legs, will see. Gosh its 7.57 in the morning and i have yet to sleep. I dont know whats wrong with me i just start thinking when i lay down and then i just think think think. Then i get worried and can’t sleep. I think this time its our electric bill. It got worse freaking 150$ damn taxes heat. It has double for the summer but i can’t wait for it to go back to 60-70$ bucks again.